Social Media Management

With our social media management works, we ensure that your brand
reaches the masses and stays in touch with your target customers.

Developing Strategies Tailored to Your Industry and Brand

Taking into account the target audience and future plans of your brand, we analyze sectors and companies similar to your brand.

By combining the results of the analysis and your expectations, we create the social media identity of your brand; in other words, in which social networks your brand should be involved with what kind of language and content strategy.

Social Media Schedule and Plan

We prepare monthly content plans according to the social media identity created for your brand.

Content plans are always prepared one month in advance and all our content is ready for the first day of the new month as seen and approved by your company.

We create custom content related to your brand about current issues that occur during the month (Solar eclipse, an interesting event that occurs around the world, great achievements in the country, etc. With this content, which we call Real-time, we make sure your brand reaches a much wider audience and does not stay away from the topics discussed on social media.

We create content that will allow your brand to be mentioned positively on social media with contests and posts with high interaction.

Effective and Outstanding Designs

Our visual works are prepared monthly in accordance with our monthly content plans.

We create interesting designs that are compatible with the content, relevant to your brand identity, and allow you to convey your messages more effectively to your followers.

Remember that a proper image is the biggest supporter of your brand, given that people on social media often look at the image before the content.

Following and Management

Messages and comments received in all social networks of your brand are answered in line with the language of your brand, ensuring fast communication with followers and follower loyalty.

We scan those who are not your followers but talk about your brand on social media with mention tracking and conduct the reputation management and communication of your brand.

By contacting those who may be your potential customers, we build brand awareness and brand loyalty.

By figuring out the crisis situations which may occur on social media about your brand in advance, we make the necessary crisis plans for possible situations.


We report your brand’s followers/ interactions/ content/ reputation across all social networks on a monthly basis.

After the contests and advertising campaigns, we examine their effects on your brand with detailed reports.

Social Media Ads

The brands we work with find new customers and increase their sales by up to 80% thanks to social media ads.

We run various advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to help your brand and/or products reach a wider audience on social media and directly access potential customers.

With ads designed by our expert team, we minimize your advertising costs and enable you to reach a much wider and more effective audience with the existing budget.

Through cross-marketing and remarketing campaigns, we show your ads simultaneously on different social networks to potential customers who might relate to your brand, and we enable you to increase your brand awareness and sales by showing your ads on social media pages to people who visit your website or interact with your service/ product.

In networks dominated by white-collar employees such as LinkedIn, we can help you find the staff you are looking for with your job ads much easier, and promote your brand to people who may be your customer or employee in the future.