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As Protan, we build websites that can be found in target search by putting forward the right strategies. At that point, we ensure that you have simple, fast and manageable websites that are compatible with computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Mobile Compatible

It is important for us that your website is easily accessible from mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices. We build your business’ website so that it looks perfect on all devices. Thanks to mobile compatibility on websites called Responsive technology, visitors who log in to your website on mobile find what they look for in a very short time.

Compatible with Search Engines

We build your website based on the criteria taken into account by Google and other search engines. We make it easier for your business to rank high on Google with advanced SEO techniques.

With a Management Panel

With your advanced and easy-to-use management panel, you can easily change and update the content on your website.

Our Web Design Processes

Frequently Asked Web Design Questions

We wanted to answer some questions you might have about web design work.

Before choosing the company you will work with, we have prepared the answers to
the questions we hear the most from our customers.

Web design is the most basic tool with which you communicate with your potential and current customers in the Digital World. It is extremely important for visitors to reach the products or services they want to reach on your website as quickly as possible. A website emerges when design ideas are transformed into software in line with the goals. Users can access your websites with the help of a web browser.

Our web design processes; It consists of 6 basic steps: sector analysis, creation of site map, design, software, testing and publication. First of all, we listen to your industry and your expectations, then we do research. We present to you the site map that we recommend in line with our research. With your site map approval, our design team starts to implement special designs for you. After the design approval, we activate your site with our software, testing and publishing stages.

Ready-made web design is a recommended option for customers who want a low-budget website. It is completed by changing the ready-made theme that we purchased under license according to the corporate color and content of the customer. Custom web design, on the other hand, is a web option specially prepared for a particular brand. In this study, all designs are specially made by our design team according to the expectations of the company, its corporate structure and the dynamics of the sector. We recommend a special design option for brands that have high expectations in reaching their potential customers and want to leave their competitors behind in the sector.

All the websites we build have a management panel that users can easily use. We customize this administration panel according to the content that needs updating.

Before giving our web design price offer, we analyze your goals, demands and the dynamics of your industry. We move on to the proposal stage by offering you the most suitable suggestions. At this point, pricing is made in accordance with details such as how many pages your website will consist of, what language options you need, the features you want on the site, and how long the project will be completed. At this point, we use our price calculation formulas prepared with superior engineering methods. As a result, together with these details, we offer you both the pricing and the time with all the technical details.

Static website is a type of website that is designed and coded in HTML and does not have an administration panel. If the customer does not have coding knowledge, he cannot update later. Dynamic website, on the other hand, is a type of website that has a management panel and can be easily updated by the customer.

Today, technology habits are shifting to mobile platforms day by day. In other words, the majority of visitors to your website visit your site from mobile devices. At this point, it is inevitable for your website to be mobile-friendly. Mobile compatibility comes first in all our work.

Website construction times vary according to the scope of the study. The average construction time of a corporate website varies between 20 – 45 days. This period varies depending on the company’s preparation of the contents and visuals and the fast approval processes.

Before deciding on the web design company you will work with, we recommend that you review the previous works. However, by contracting, it is extremely important to make sure that you have a legitimate firm. Making a decision based on the work to be done, not price-oriented, will allow you to see positive returns on your investment in your website.

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